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BArn burning essay

            My Father Bleeds History and I Am Not of It .
             William Faulkner's "Barn Burning" sets in a gritty and shady area of the South during the early 20th Century. It tells a tale of a nomadic family who are tarnished with disapproval by the people of society, because the head of the family, Abner Satoris is an anarchist and symbolizes his hatred with the use of fire. Amidst this family lies a complex psychological struggle between Abner and his son Colonel, where Colonel's young age and need for a fatherly figure hinder him from deciding between right and wrong. Colonel is a prisoner of his own self. His bondage towards his family's bloodline and perplexed respect for his father rendered him a lost soul who yearns for greener pastures in life. But is unable or at a lost in coming to achieving it. .
             The story depicts Colonel as an illiterate, quiet and often confused child who reverts to using streams of consciousness to express his feelings. He seems to be bounded by an "old fierce pull of blood" where he feels obligated to follow his father's command be it the context of morals. He is described as being "small and wiry like his father", indicating that Colonel might have an initial fear of becoming just like Abner. Throughout the story, Colonel does express feelings of guilt and hopes for reform, "maybe he's done satisfied now, now that he has." However, Abner's commanding .
             Nathaniel 2.
             presence and violent behavior prevent Colonel from ever voicing any opinions, making him dwell in a confused mindset where he often keeps to himself. .
             Despite Abner's shortcomings, Colonel has a peculiar sense of respect towards his father, probably due to Abner instilling certain values in his son regarding the family's bloodline, "Youre getting to be a man. You got to learn. You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you aint going to have any blood to stick to you." Abner also reflects the attributes of a soldier as he had participated in the war as a member of the Calvary, which is why at times, Colonel does see Abner as a figure of admiration, "There was something in his wolflike independence and even courage.

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