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             Change Essay .
             For every person who welcomes change, there is someone who wants life and experience to remain unchanged'.
             Did you find this true of the texts you studied?.
             The above statement is extremely true, and clearly apparent in the texts studied. This can be perceived by understanding the fact that change may have a positive or negative impact on someone. This depends on the situation it arises in and how it affects the protagonist. Therefore, some people may choose to accept and welcome change whilst others may regret the changes they experience and long that their life and experience had remained unchanged. In this case we are dealing with self-change. This can be found true through an analysis of the texts The poem "In the Park- by Gwen Harwood, The poem "Father and child- by Gwen Harwood, The short story "Sky High- by Hannah Robert, Shakespeare's Othello' and the film "Cruel Intentions- by "Kevin Williamson- .
             The poem In the park' composed by Gwen Harwood presents a significant example of someone who regrets the changes in their life. This is understood as we observe the regret and disappointment the central character undergoes as she acknowledges the self- sacrifices she has made as a mother. The Catalyst accountable for this women's change occurs when an unexpected confrontation with a past lover reminds her of her past of opportunity, freedom and romance. Their awkward and meaningless conversation evidently reflects how her life has changed. The use of et cetura' expresses the superficiality of her words as does her false joy. It is not until after the conversation we witness the impact this man has had on the mother. The women feeds her baby whilst staring at her feet indicating she feels more depressed and rejected than at the start of the poem. However, it is not until the last quote in the poem they have eaten me alive' she reveals that she is no longer in denial or indicating a false acceptance, she shows us her bitterness towards the world and that her children have stolen her essence and happiness.

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