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Critical Review

             The article "We've Only Just Begun" by Elizabeth Fitton explores the Pro-Life movement and their views on issues such as human cloning, stem cell research, and abortion. Fitton is a woman who is an active "pro-lifer". She is against the issues that I mentioned above. Though Fitton talks of stem cell research and briefly of human cloning, she puts much emphasis on one main issue which is, of course, abortion. This article first tells of the horrific experiments Nazis conducted on innocent children who were in hospitals during the wars. Nazis saw these children as "unworthy of life" and killed many of them in their research. Fitton explains that what happened to children during the time of Nazis is still happening today in the United States.
             Fitton makes many arguments concerning abortion and human rights issues. Her argument on stem cell research is that the cells are beginning of life which has not gotten past the first stage of development. I can understand right away that there is nothing wrong with stem cell research because of the statement Fitton made which was "the cells have not gotten past the first stage of development." If these cells are not fully or even partially developed, how can it be a full blown life? I believe it can not be. .
             As Fitton pointed out, there has been great technological advances in the past few years. Doctors can perform surgery on a fetus while it is still in the mother's womb and there is also a new sonogram device that takes three dimensional pictures of the fetus. Fitton does not understand how people can marvel at these innovations and still be for abortion. I do agree that these inventions are a marvel and makes life more joyous, but I do not see how it relates to being for or against abortion. It is not as cut and dry as: fetal surgery saves a fetus" life, abortion kills a life. The fetus that is getting operated on is obviously not in the first stages of conception as an aborted fetus would be.

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