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            Birth of Venus was made in Florence during the Renaissance period (later 14th century to 15th century). This period focused on ideas on art and literature of Ancient Greece and Rome. Artists worked on these ideas to produce their own artworks. This period started in Florence and gradually spread across to other wealthy cities and countries.
             This painting illustrates the ancient story of Roman goddess "Venus" and her birth by the seashore. She's the goddess of beauty and love. In this painting she is accompanied by Flora the goddess of nature and motherhood giving her a beautiful flower robe to cover Venus" naked body. Flora is situated in the foreground of the painting on the far right. On the far left is Zephyr and Chloris (the west wind) blowing in gushes of wind to push Venus up to shore. Roses gather in the wind and swim swiftly after Venus. Venus is positioned standing on a stunning sea shell as she drifts into the foliage entranced land.
             This is the focal point of this painting. Venus stands out from the other three amongst the trees, leaves, soil, flowers and the vast water behind her. In the middle-ground are the freshly grown trees with their flourishing green leaves along with the smooth bright blue sea on the left. As for the background there is the rest of the water flowing out towards the horizon where distant lands grow into the unseen world behind it. The use of space is deep, allowing your imagination to grow into the blooming work of Mother Nature. Balance is also presented in the Birth of Venus; Flora's cape stables the "weight" on both sides of Venus.

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