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Contrast of Elegies

            The three elegies discussed in class all share similar characteristics. Through out each of the selections there was a serious attitude maintained by the author. The writings also respectfully paid homage to the deceased. The literatures invoke a feeling of sorrow and mourning into the reader. All the selections resemble each other and approach the matter of death from a similar perspective.
             The attitude expressed by each of the others was one that displayed a serious approach. In Annabel Lee, Poe expresses that his love will never die, and "demons down under the sea can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee". This statement exemplifies a true love and describes it in a factual and important manner. A Letter from Phillis Wheatley, also maintains a serious attitude, and mentions tears that had to be held back from the speaker and a friend of the deceased. The selection covered in class, all approach the subject with a serious tone, for a serious matter.
             The elegies covered in class respectfully pay homage to the deceased. In A Letter from Phillis Wheatley, the deceased is recognized as an illustrious friend, and true poetess. Poe addresses his lost love as a "beautiful" being whose purpose in life was to love Poe as he loved her. In Those Winter Sundays the son remembers the morning the father heated the house for the family, and received no thanks or praises. The elegies recant positive memories of the dead, while commending them for there great accomplishments and qualities.
             The overall reaction to each of the elegies discussed in class is one of mourning and sorrow. Robert Hayden discusses the tears of friends, as well unlikely accomplishments of the deceased. Poe states that the love shared was more than love, a love envied by the heavens. Poe goes on to say heavenly bodies were so jealous of their beautiful love they killed Annabel to have her in heaven, and that he will always love Annabel and that their souls will be together.

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