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            10 years ago who would have known that visually impaired individuals would be using the Internet to access information? The Internet is a phenomenal source of information. With the help of Braille displays and screen reader programs visually impaired individuals are able to go online and access email, research tools, textbooks, and also gain entry into library references such as periodicals. It is important for technology to evolve. It is also imperative that adaptive technology be changing and advancing often. As the Information Superhighway progresses it may become difficult for the visually impaired to access some information. Some websites use graphics but do not use text to describe the picture. This makes it almost impossible for screen ready software to encode images. Therefore it is necessary that certain guidelines be met to ensure people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else when it comes to technology. Even though adaptive technology is the future and is necessary in the progress of people with disabilities, it is not cheap. Schools have a difficult time purchasing everyday technology for the classrooms. Most can't afford the new advanced adaptive products. These products can range anywhere from $200 to $10,000. The products are not the only expense in trying to help people with disabilities. Computer programs are complex and schools need someone with the know how to teach the educators and children how to use this technology. All too often schools do not allocate enough money for this necessity. There will be some obstacles along the way while using the Internet, screen reading software or Braille displays, but the advantages outweigh the obstacles by far. .
             I think that this article relates directly to my future as a teacher and to the schools of which I will be working in. Technology is such a huge part of our education systems now.

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