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Validity of Music in My Life

            Have you ever attempted to watch a television program with the volume on mute or tried to read someone's lips as they were talking to you from across the room? Sounds, moreover rhythm and music, are very important to human beings. Imagine a life where you could not hear your favorite song or listen to your favorite band. Music is one of the strongest forms of communication that we have because you may not be able to understand the words that are spoken but you can still read the notes of the music and understand the tone of the song by the sounds. The written forms of music are a universal language that anyone can read no matter what language you speak or the culture you are from. All of these components make music extremely important in my life because music is a vital aspect of who I am. .
             Any time that I am upset, discouraged, happy, excited, anxious, or scared I sit down and listen to music. Music does many things for me as the audience. It shows that I am not the only person feeling a certain emotion because the artists talk about their problems and the song will usually relate to the difficulties that I am having so it can make me feel better knowing that I am not alone. Music can also lift my spirits because it gives me a way to forget about my problems and just listen to the music and drift away to another place. .
             Music also changes me as an artist. Playing music for other people and making them feel better is an amazing gift. I have had people come up to me after concerts and tell me that we played a great show and it made the troubles of the day seem less apparent. It is incredibly hard to explain to someone, who has never been given the honor of knowing how his or her music affected someone, the great sense of satisfaction that they will have. .
             Playing music teaches you many things about using many different talents at the same time. It teaches focus, determination, drive, and dedication.

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