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            Moving Cautiously Away from Neutrality.
             Sept 8 1939 Roosevelt calls a specials session of congress to revise .
             Neutrality Acts.
             When they met, Roosevelt proposed a "cash and carry" provision this let .
             other nations buy arms from the US if they paid cash and brought them home .
             on their own ships.
             This would help keep the US out of the war.
             The Axis Threat.
             Summer of 1940 France had fallen, Britain was under siege by German .
             Sept 1940 Japan, Germany, Italy signed the Tripartite Pact and they became .
             known as the Axis Powers.
             Under the treaty watch country agreed to come to the defense of others when .
             under attack.
             In June 1940 hoping to avoid entering the war Roosevelt sent Britain 500,000 .
             rifles and 80,000 machine guns.
             In September US traded 50 old destroyers for leases on British military .
             Building Americas Defenses.
             Roosevelt asks congress to increase spending for national defense.
             18 countries had larger armies than the US.
             Congress dramatically boosted defense spending in 1940.
             Under the Selective Training and Service Act 16 million men between the ages .
             of 21 and 35 were registered.
             Roosevelt's Re-election.
             Roosevelt decides to break tradition and run for a third term.
             Roosevelt's opponent Wendell Willkie supported the idea of aiding Britain.
             Both candidates wanted to stay out of the war.
             Roosevelt was re-elected with nearly 55% of the votes.
             The Great Arsenal of Democracy.
             The Lend-Lease Plan.
             -By 1940, Britain had no more cash to spend in the arsenal of democracy.
             -Roosevelt suggested replacing "cash-and-carry" with a new plan he called "lend-lease." Under this plan, the president would lend or lease arms and other supplies to "any country that was vital to the USA.".
             -Congress finally passed the Lend-Lease Act in 1941 and supported it with $7 billion.
             -The US would spend $50 Billion.
             -On June 22, 1941, Hitler ignored his peace treaty with Stalin and invaded the Soviet Union with three million troops.

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