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Malcolm X v. martin luther kin

            During our first assigned chapter readings I found the reading to be very .
             comprehendible and easy to interpret. The book does give many examples and tries to .
             give scenarios of everyday life. One of the problems I sometimes have is relating the .
             different topics together during class. I write down the notes and listen to the lectures,.
             but I can't seem to put the two together. I know they both go together but I have a hard .
             time understanding the class lecture then I do the book and I think this is where I get .
             confused. Maybe it's the wording that's different. I also noticed we move at a very fast .
             pace we spend one week on one chapter and quiz on it and move on to the next chapter .
             and may not have a clear understanding on what we just read even though we passed the .
             quiz. I know after the first two quizzes I had the question on what did I just quiz on but I .
             go back and review the questions I missed and I found that I missed them because of the .
             way I read the questions. The quizzes are not difficult its just the way the questions are .
             wrote out and sometimes I go through and cross out extra words to get the question and .
             cross out answers that don't go with the topic. I do like having the quizzes because it .
             keeps me on top of reading because I don't know when the quiz will be so I must read .
             and study and try to have a good understanding of it.
             For the reading are there additional practice worksheets other then the Study .
             Guide that came with the book and also would the Psych Cliff Notes sold in the campus .
             Bookstore is of any help? Looking at the syllabus, for the Research paper do or topics .
             have to be approved by you? If not can we come to you with ideas and ask you opinions .
             about the topic we select? I do like the class and do want to succeed in it and I will get .
             something out of it for sure.

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