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Atticus Finch

             Atticus Finch is a defence lawyer in the small county of Maycomb, Alabama. He is almost fifty years old and has to wear glasses because he is nearly blind in his left eye. He is a very neat and tidy person. Atticus" character isn't focused on his looks, but on his personality and strength on the inside. .
             Atticus" personality is that he is a very fair and just person. He only believes what he thinks is right and doesn't let other people change his mind. He is a very honest person and when his children ask him hard questions to answer he doesn't try to sugar-coat his answers because he is a very blunt person. When Atticus Finch speaks he uses a very calm voice because he is very patient, calm, and caring. He is extremely passionate about everything he believes in. He teaches his children Jean Louise and Jeremy not to hold grudges against people and how to be loyal.
             The character Atticus Finch doesn't change much during the novel because he is always going to stand up to the injustice in the world and he will always be a very honest person. His values and beliefs about Tom Robinson don't change because he knows that he did not rape that woman and he also knows that the whole town also knows and is just believing that woman because Tom Robinson is a black man.
             In the end Atticus Finch is really the best white man friend a black man could have in that town until the rest of the town realizes that black people are the exact same as white people. Until the racist people of that small southern town notice that black people are just as smart if not smarter than the black people who they call, "niggers.".

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