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Is it the begining of the end?

             Technology is now influencing every party of our society; it is almost getting out of hand. We have computers to cell phones, PDA's to Mp3 players. Everything we live, works, and do involves technology.   Now a day you don't see people buying cassettes or VHS tapes. Everybody wants the simpler "Digital Life-. Who wants to wait 3 minutes to rewind a videotape to find the place where you left off? Or who wants to be able to switch sides on a tape when you could have all of your favorite songs on a CD. And now everybody is expecting life to be much simpler because we have this information. But, is technology really helping us, or is it killing us. I'm not going to go into the debate about how radiation from a computer screen or the frequencies from the cell phone harm us. But is it really helping us? When you are on a train do you converse with other passengers or are you too busy playing on your PDA or chatting on your cell phone. Instead of enjoying a day at the park you are sitting at your Mac searching the World Wide Net. I'll admit it as well, I enjoy my technology, it does make my life a lot simpler. I honestly can't live with out my cell phone. I enjoy being able to talk to my friends when I'm on the road. I also enjoy being able to check the email from my Pocket PC. Unfortunately their must me a point when enough is enough. Yesterday I was reading an article about how small Silicon Valley company was developing a LCD screen that was on your screen. And also another small company was developing a PC that you wear on your jacket. I truly find this kind of technology frightening. Soon there may be no difference between the human world and the robotic world. Already this year 5 people have had microchips implanted in them for research to see if it actually can improve performance. I'm not exactly which side I've chosen as you can tell by my positive and negative points for each side, but I'm going to leave you with this closing statement.

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