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Enders Game

             I feel that all people are manipulated all their lives, from the moment they are .
             born till the moment we pass on into death. As infants, we are taught to speak certain .
             languages, how to crawl and walk, and even how to eat. For example, take learning how .
             to speak, no one knows how to talk when they are born, instead, they are taught to speak .
             and in what language. In these early years, infants are manipulated the most my their .
             While in their adolescent stage, they have many other factors that can manipulate .
             them, such as school, family, friends, coaches, and even teachers. This is probably the .
             year that changes a person the most. Take Ender Wiggin for example, when we first .
             came to know him, he seemed like a helpless little boy, who had no intentions of causing .
             harm to anyone. Unfortunately, all of those years at battle school changed him into a .
             cold unforgiving boy who believed in doing whatever it takes to win. He was also .
             manipulated into believing that the simulator exercises that he was doing was to prepare .
             him for the future, while in reality, he was actually killing the buggers, and sending real .
             people into "suicide missions." What had occurred during this time period, was that the .
             world government had made him their own little "military genius." In my personal .
             experience, I have realized that I had also been manipulated into to thinking certain ways, .
             and having certain beliefs. Although baseball had been very enjoyable, I was taught to .
             think a certain way, which is to think that I"m always the best no matter what people say, .
             and to carry myself with confidence and prestige. Soon I became trained to think that .
             way at all times, and may also cause my biggest fault, which is accepting failure.
             Moving on the adults years where many people also become parents themselves. .
             In this stage, many of them begin to do the manipulating rather that being manipulated .
             themselves, we begin to raise our children the way we were taught to, rarely do any of .

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