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Ender's Game

             Orson Scott Card tells an intriguing anecdote about a boy who saves humanity from buggers in Ender's Game. Through the use of exciting archetypes, gender roles, epic aspects, and tragic aspects, Card reveals this unique plot that reels his audiences in and never lets go. .
             The archetypes are easily identified in the story beginning with the hero, Ender. Ender always had trouble relating with family and fitting in at school because he was a Third, solely born at the government's request. Ender's weakness was the fear of hurting others, but he had been forced to do so to help save humanity. At age six, Ender is taken to Battleschool where adults control him. His goal becomes clear then, to win his own independence and break their power over his decisions and mind. The adults are clearly his enemies, controlling his schedule, mind, and even social life. Dink Meeker and Peta Arkanian help Ender realize who his real enemies are. Valentine, his sister, had played the role of Ender's mother, because she was the only one who really loved him. As intelligence as his weapon, Ender eventually conquers his quest and wins independence after defeating the buggers. He wins fame throughout the world for defeating the buggers, and finally he is able to make his own decisions in life. .
             The way the adults judge the children, there seems to not exist a barrier of gender roles, however, they are more prominent between the children themselves. In selecting students for Battleschool, no sex is looked upon as better than the other. There are hardly any girls in Battleschool, but that is only because "[t] oo many centuries of evolution are working against them"(24). Those who were fit for being of any help to the war were considered, despite their sex. Petra Arkanian, the only female mentioned at Battleschool, is promoted just as were many of the guys, showing there had not been prejudice against sexes.

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