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Ender's Game

            The heroes' journey is a popular archetype that has kept going throughout all of history. The heroes journey talks about how one person seeks adventure in their life but many things happen in that journey. Just like in the novel by Orson Scott Card Ender's Game, Ender has one of the weirdest childhoods because of growing up as a third but the Earth gives him one of the greatest missions he will ever have. The heroes journey relies on three stages those three stages are departure, initiation, and the return.
             A few days after Ender beat up Stiltson, Ender was asked to go to battle school by Colonel Graff. When Colonel Graff first tells him this he says "My name is Graff, Ender. Colonel Hyrum Graff. I'm director of primary training at battle school in the belt. I've come to invite you to enter the school" (19). In Ender's journey to becoming a hero Ender gets invited to go to battle school, but he is uncertain if he wants to go. Furthermore Ender decides that he will go to battle school because he has nothing on Earth. Once the launch was over Graff isolated Ender by saying he was the smartest. Unfortunately Ender had to defend himself and by doing so he broke Bernard's arm.
             A few months into battle school Ender made many enemies, but he also made allies that helped him. As a consequence of making those enemies he would need all the allies he had made. Petra was Enders second ally out of many to come. Petra told him that she could teach him how to shoot better; she told him "The battle room is [always] open. If you want, I'll [teach] you in the off hours and show you some of the things I know" (79). After Ender was given command of Dragon army he started to win all of his matches, which made many others be mad at him. With the allies he had, he was protected from them and he was also warned that Bonzo wanted to hurt him. Unfortunately Ender ended up killing Bonzo unknowingly.

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