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Race in Relation to Racism

             Why is it an issue of how dark or light you are? Why is this such a big issue with blacks and not with any other races? The evolution of race in the United States is evident in daily life but I do not feel as though we are were we should be. Black people are far from oppression because we are constantly putting each other down. .
             For the first time in the history of our country, we have the material basis to liquidate racism. The process of accomplishing this is chaotic and confusing -, as are all processes in transition. The economic foundation of society is changing. The new one, based in electronics, has the potential to provide for all people, regardless of identity. Yet, it is people that make history. They do so on the basis of ideas, their understanding of what is right, and their ideology. What is ideology? It is a system of views and ideas, which express and define relationships between people and reality from the point of view of one class or another. The new class of the poor holds within itself the force necessary to overturn the capitalist system, but without an ideology which expresses and reflects its interests, an ideology upon which it can act, that potential will inevitably be blunted, distorted and turned to serve the interests of the rulers. .
             Sometimes changing people's thinking seems impossible. Yet, as we have seen, ideas arise from material conditions and as material conditions begin to change, the old ideas begin to break down and openings are made for new ways of thinking.
             Even in the embryonic beginnings of the social struggle today we can see the effects that the economic and social crisis is having on people's thinking. With the changes in the material life of society have come the changes to the social institutions, to the social relationships. Ideas, which have given shape and form to society, are being called into question. The old social institutions can't function the way they once did, and people's understanding of their place in the world and their relation to society has been turned upside down.

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