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             Charles Darwin wrote Origin of Species to offer his theory as a rational alternative to the special and independent acts of creation of each species. Darwin wanted his book to show how new species can evolve over long periods of time, or over many generations, through natural selection. Darwin did not attempt to explain the origin of life, yet his ideas are seen as controversial.
             Natural selection is a variation that is profitable to an individual that will tend to the preservation of that individual or species. This also is inherited by the individual's offspring. The offspring of that individual will also have a better chance of survival and will have a better chance of producing more offspring. According to Darwin's belief these variations will be carried from generation to generation allowing for evolution of the species.
             Natural selection works by allowing the stronger and more dominate genes to be transferred by the parent to the offspring of any particular species. This allows for the species to have a better chance for survival because it has shared only the traits that are advantageous. Darwin stated that natural selection could not possibly produce and modified genetics in any one species exclusively for the benefit of another species. Darwin wrote, "Natural selection will never produce in a being anything injurious to itself, for natural selection acts solely by and for the good of each.".
             Darwin goes on to propose the idea of selection to the natural state where nature takes the place of the breeder in selection which traits are successful in the transfer of genetics. Nature allows for birds, for example, to reproduce with specific coloring, which helps them avoid their predators and attract mates. The transfer of genes is crucial in the potential strength of a species. If they are not strong enough to survive, then the species could die off. .
             Darwin actually critiqued his own work, pointing out the lack of fossil evidence of his time.

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