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Stress and Biofeedback

             The biodot is a temperature sensitive plastic piece that will adhere to the "webbing- between the thumb and forefinger. If the biodot does not respond at this particular location, then you can put it on your forearm. Biodots change color with changes in skin temperature, thus making it an appropriate tool to illustrate the underlying principles of biofeedback. The color of the biodot is an indirect measure of stress. Bear in mind that other factors besides stress may affect your biodot. For instance, fever or extreme temperatures "outside at night or during the day may confound your reading. .
             For one week, it was my job to take note of the biodot color during times I thought I would be especially stressed and during times I would be especially relaxed. .
             I have included the results of my readings at the end of this paper. Note that readings 3 and 4 are those done by willing participants. Both subjects were females. Subject (A) happened to be suffering from Mononucleosis and was stressed about all of the work she had to catch up on. Subject (B) happened to be an RA here on campus (Resident Assistant). This particular subject was pulling a double shift at work and was exhausted. Also, she had to be on duty and her residents were getting out of control. Both subjects had similar thoughts of being nervous about participating in a psychology experiment. Subject (A) was still trying to concentrate on her studies, while Subject (B) had multiple thoughts running through her head simultaneously. For example, she had to make rounds in the residence hall as well as finish a huge stack of paperwork, and manage to find the time to balance her homework. After the readings both subjects were intrigued to learn new things about their stress levels and how they could possibly cope with them. The remainder of the readings was taken randomly on my self. .
             There was no particular situation which made me feel even the slightest bit nervous.

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