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Effective Relaxation Techniques

            When the mind and body are at equilibrium with stimulating forces, we are in a relaxed state. Relaxation is comprised of refreshing tranquility, achieved by removing the accumulated tensions of life. Many studies confirm that this balance in life is good for the body as well as the mind. We can achieve the desired status quo by incorporating a variety of techniques into our lives. Dr. Kleiber, from Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Georgia, suggests that life tensions come from two areas: the world around us, and those of our own making (Kleiber 2000). Dealing with these influences requires one to identify techniques that enable reflection and planning. .
             Recharging and optimizing is an important factor to think about when preparing to take advantage of life's opportunities. To disengage and relax makes one receptive to the world around us; it opens possibilities and provides comfort (Kleiber 2000). The ability to manage these influences reflects our demeanor. While many people can relate to being overwhelmed or "burned out," they often miss the association and become depressed. The depression is usually due to the lack of personal accomplishment, depersonalization, and emotional exhaustion can cause a person to posses a self-centered attitude (Cheek, Bredley, Parr, Lan 2003). When this depletion occurs positive thoughts also fade changing one's character. Without some type if intervention a person will often times become calloused, negative and detached which causes problems with productivity, morale and coping in general (Cheek, Bredley, Parr, Lan 2003). .
             Learning to live with the stressors of life is often thought to be a normal part of our human development and a function of maturity. The collection of assorted pressures begin to affect the physical health aspect of life which may lead to an increased risk of chronic illness, heart disease, premature births and overmedication (Sobel 2000).

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