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Inherit the wind essay

             Clearly the hero of this play, Henry Drummond represents a character who simply wants to think. Drummond had made a career for himself as a criminal defense attorney and a reputation for himself as an agnostic. He repeatedly was either an underdog himself, or was representing the underdog. Yet he still takes on the most difficult cases. Because he had many hardships, he had to develop a certain self-confidence and faith in himself that would defeat the opposing side. He chose to win from the opinions of others, not the outcome. In the trial of Bert Cates Drummond wanted to make a difference, and he did "he really did. He fought for fairness; he searched for the truth of our rights. .
             The search for truth remains the most important thing to Drummond's character throughout the play. His story of the Golden Dancer shows his desire to seek the reality beneath all his life experiences. If Drummond had not approached this case in the manner he did, then Cates may be severely fined or possibly jailed. While he was fighting the side of evolution, he didn't fight aggressively for it. He fought aggressively for the idea that every human should have the right to form an opinion. We all should have the right to think was one of his most important beliefs. The truth and what is right or fair is what drove Drummond to be the best he could be. The outcome of the trial was that Cates was charged guilty with a fine of 1 dollar. This basically meant that Cates won the trial, but Drummond, determined to make it completely fair, moved for the trial to be taken to the Supreme Court until Cates was found not guilty and the law was mended. This trait remained the same throughout the entire trial.
             Self-Confidence, an additional trait of Drummonds, which helped to see him through the tough trial against Brady and the town. Unlike Brady, Drummonds self confidence never changed throughout the book. He always had it and he was never let down.

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