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Don quixote

            Chapter 52 tells of the quarrel between Don Quixote and the goatherd . During a fight with a goatherd, Don Quixote observes a group of penitents carrying an icon of the Virgin Mary. Don Quixote believes that they are a group of criminals . He tries to rescue the lady but is beaten . Sancho throws himself upon Don Quixote's body . This chapter illustrates Don Quixote's involvement in the chivalric illusion which he has created. Sancho Panza, on the other hand, is able to recognize the difference between illusion and reality but is able to exist in both worlds. He sees people and objects realistically but continues to follow Don Quixote whom he knows sees only through his imagination. The real world is one in which people do not always do what is right, justice is not always forthcoming, and no one lives according to the chivalric code. But in Don Quixote's world, all of these things are true. His world is based on two things: beauty and a sense of duty. Thus, his sense of duty drives him to protect and preserve all things beautiful. He hopes to bring order to a chaotic world by reinstating the chivalric code but is unable to see the world for what it truly is. This inability to perceive reality hinders his quest to revitalize chivalry. Ultimately, his system of chivalric morality proves incompatible with reality despite his best efforts to incorporate his morals into the real world. .

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