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"A Visit Of Chairity"

             Eudora Welty's writing style and use of characters and setting aided her in becoming one of the greatest writers of all time. Welty credits her family for her success. Eudora remembers the importance of reading in her childhood home. The influences of her father and mother have made her a more universal writer. Eudora has been surrounded by strong characters throughout her lifetime. .
             One of her characters from "A Visit Of Charity" was named Marian. Marian was a young girl whom had yellow hair and covered it with a pointed white cap and wore a red coat. Marian was a Campfire Girl. The young girl had decided to go to the nursing home to receive points for Campfire Girls. She brought with her a potted flower to brighten up the place. .
             The sound of a bleating sheep turned out to be the next character in "A Visit Of Charity". She was an older woman with a bony face and bony fingers. She was a talkative old lady, but she was polite. She welcomed Marian to come into her cluttered room, where furniture was spread everywhere. Not only was the room cluttered but also it was dark, and cold. The young girl even told us how it felt wet and damp, even on the floor. .
             Addie was the other older woman in the room. Addie stayed in her bed all day with the window blinds shut. She was not too friendly; she was very loud and obnoxious. Addie and the other older woman have seemed to live in that dark cluttered room for a long time, since they knew so much about each other. Addie seemed to be sick the day that Marian came to visit. The first old lady tells us that it is poor Addie's birthday, which she will not admit.
             The three main characters in "A Visit Of Charity" were all very different yet they made the story work. The two old women stayed in this dreary nursing home with no connection to the outside world. Marian, a young girl, who just wanted to gain some extra points for Campfire Girls, brings them a potted flower to brighten up their gloomy room.

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