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Unfit Americans

             Weight loss, a problem that has been haunting many people, is a billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, the industry is fueled by our society's portrayal of how the average American should look. Think about it, how often do you see a truly average looking American in a magazine or a movie? After being flooded with these images, many Americans often decide to go on a diet for all the wrong reasons. Consequently, a large percentage of these dieters often give up after coming to the conclusion that they will never look like the American ideal. Fifty-five percent of Americans are considered overweight and two-thirds of them are dieting. "Overweight Americans may see the threat as real, but they don't believe it applies to them personally, we are failing to personalize the serious health threats people face when they carry excess weight as fat. It is similar to smokers who know that cigarettes can kill, but are sure they will never get sick."1 We are fatter as a society because of inactivity, increasing technology, larger food servings, social eating patterns, early childhood addiction to unhealthy foods, and just too many calories. In fact, we eat about 260 calories more daily and move less than we did in the past. Yet, we have higher expectations on how we should look. .
             I have seen fit people and unfit people throughout my years and it made me sad to see the unfit people because I knew how easy it was to be fit. Many people think that today you must go to a big fancy gym or have a personal trainer to get into shape and stay fit. There is no reason that so many Americans today should be out of shape, as well as spend hundreds of dollars a year on fitness facilities, trainers and other equipment. The human body is a better machine then any other machine in the fact that the more it is used or exercised, the better it gets. What other machine gets better the more it is used? None that I know of ever gets better the more it is used.

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