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             Socrates, a famous Greek philosopher, said that "the unexamined life is unfit to be lived." What does Socrates mean by the "unexamined life"? Well, the way that I see it is that the unexamined life means not living, doing nothing, not asking questions, go along with the status quo. The reason that I believe that Socrates made this statement is that he wants us to examine the status quo, and question it. By living the "unexamined life," one is not making a change or an improvement. I believe that Socrates wanted things to get better, so we must question them. The only way to assure this is for "unexamined life" to be examined.
             I agree with Socrates; I believe that the only way that we can grow is by questioning the status quo. If the "unexamined life" is lived, then there would be no advancements. Someone must first examine the unexamined to make it fit for everyone else. This is the way that advancements are made and we prosper. If people had not obtained the desire to examine the unexamined life, then we would not have known many of the things that we know to be facts today. Two of these facts are the discovery of America, and the discovery of the presence of other planets.
             The first of these two facts is the discovery of America. Most people believed that the earth was flat and not round, so if you sailed too far, you would fall off the edge of the earth. Christopher Columbus decided to examine the unexamined, and in the process, America was discovered. If Columbus had not examined the unexamined, then the things that are today would not be. Just think about it, if it were not for Columbus, where would you be today? There would probably be no America, and maybe even no freedom for us. .
             The second of these two facts is the presence of other planets. Before we knew that other planets exist, we believed that our planet, planet earth, was out here all alone. Then someone, decided that he wanted to examine the "unexamined life.

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