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The Wisdom of Socrates

            It has always been said that Socrates was wise, wise in years, wise in speech, wise in the virtuous life. His words inspired others to follow him, and, although he never claimed to be a teacher, taught others indirectly. Did he explicitly teach others his ways? Not necessarily, but rather, he, through his active discussions, allowed others to learn from him and his logical way of thinking. He led by example. Was it really wisdom that he possessed? It can be inferred, examining the lifestyle that he led, that yes, wisdom was prevalent throughout his life. The reason for this assertion is due to the fact that Socrates focused on the soul and living a life of virtue. Something that Socrates said was that virtue was not teachable. He said this in Protagoras in his discussion, and he defended his position against Protagoras, who was saying that virtue is teachable. If virtue is not teachable, and wisdom is not acquired through teachings, how can a person focus on the welfare of his or her should and acquire that life of virtue that nourishes life? Socrates managed to acquire that virtue and wisdom because he strove for it, and actively searched for it. He said, "I know that I know nothing, " and with that humbling thought he went into the world to learn. Throughout his endeavors Socrates found his virtue. It was not taught to him, but rather his embedded virtue, the ingrained human laws, had the opportunity to permeate in him. I find that the argument that Socrates is the wisest, or more specifically that "there is none wiser " is pretty valid. He is a seeker of the divine truth, the divine virtue, and the only way to achieve that divine truth is to reach a state of virtue that embraces humility as its core. This is what made Socrates naturally inquisitive, and made him seek the truth, and find out the things that he does not know. Why? He knows that he does not know everything. This motivation to seek everything, to seek the truth, was reinforced by the "god at Delphi.

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