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Charges Against Socrates

            In the novel "Great Dialogues of Plato," Socrates who was a Greek philosopher, was being accused of corrupting the youth, not believing the gods, and creating deities by Meletos, Anytus, and Lycon, who have brought the present charges before the court. However Socrates has more reason to fear his older accusers who accused him of Prejudice and for his "evil fame" as being wise, than to fear the recent ones, because the former have been speaking out against him for some time, prejudicing many of the jurymen against him from the time of their youth. Socrates then appeals to the official or jury men to hear him out for what the others are saying about him is all lies but he will tell the truth.
             Socrates response to the accusation of him corrupting the youth by first reminding them of the accusation and in order to defend himself against these charges, he called up Meletos, who was the principal accuser, to the stance and began to question him. Socrates asked Meletos if he thinks it is important for the younger generation to be good as possible. Meletos replied saying "I do." Socrates, who Meletos had said to have a bad influence on the youth, asked Meletos who is it that has good influence on the youth? Meletos replied saying that the laws make people good. Socrates, after some replies, then stated a question to Meletos saying "then the whole nation of the Athenians, it seems makes them fine gentle, except me, and I alone corrupt them? Is that what you're saying? (25B)" which means that of all the Athenians, Socrates is the only person guilty of corrupting the youth. Socrates then compares himself to a horse, asking Meletos if he thinks horses are in the same case as him, where every man in the world make it better , but only one man corrupts them. In order to defend himself against the allegations made for him, Socrates to prove to the jury by causing Meletos to answer the question of how he was accused of corrupting the youth in which way, and why him of all the other philosophers around.

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