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Why do people gain to much wei

             Why Do People Gain Too Much Weight?.
             Since I have come to America, I have seen a lot of fat people. Because I am not used to see such fat people, I have wanted to know why people here in America are fatter. Doing my search for the reasons for gaining too much weight, I have seen that there are a multitude of reasons. Some of the reasons that I found are: Depression and stress, Medication, Energy Expenditure, slow metabolism, eating too much food, and genetic problems. .
             Depression and stress can lead to obesity, and are leading causes of eating disorders. Indeed, most eating disorders can be traced to behavioral or psychological difficulties. Contrary to popular myth, this does not indicate weakness or lack of will power. Certain medications can also cause unwanted weight. Steroid medications are common culprits, and some antidepressants also list weight gain as a potential side effect.
             Many people consume more energy than they expend, resulting in a positive energy balance and thus, weight gain. Many energy expenditure problems arise from the fact that many of us now work in sedentary jobs, and use sedentary transport methods. We may drive to work or sit on the train, instead of walking or cycling to work (this is also due to urban sprawl), and then arrive at work to spend the whole day at a desk in front of a computer. .
             Another factor that may lead to weight gain is a slow metabolism. Metabolism may be affected early in life by dieting and inactivity and this can lead to problems later in life. Yo-Yo dieting throughout life can also change metabolism as well as fat cells, which may make lifetime weight loss a problem. Genetic problems may be another factor leading to weight gain. Weight problems do run in families, but there may also be other environmental factors contributing to the problem. These are just some of the factors that can lead to weight gain, and I think the best way to prevent ourselves from weight gain is to exercise more, when we are stressed not to eat too but try to something instead, and not to take different kinds of medications.

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