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Death Penalty

             A man kills his wife after he suspects she cheated on him. A robber kills a teller during a bank heist. A woman kills her husband for his money. In each one of these situations, a life has been taken away on purpose. The innocent person, who died at the hands of a murderer, even in death, deserves justice. I believe that the United States government should enforce the death penalty because if someone can take another person's life away, then they themselves do not deserve to live. The reasons why I think the death penalty should be enforced are because it seeks justice for the family that lost a love one, it does not use up taxpayer's hard earned money, and it decreases the risk of the murderer committing another crime. .
             Just like with any other crime, the victim deserves to seek justice. When it comes to petty theft, criminals are ordered to pay back to the victim. For example, the robber must repay the victim all the money that was stolen in victim's wallet. This kind of "eye-for-an-eye" mentality should be the same for murder as well. If you take someone else's life, your life should be taken away too. This would not only bring justice to the person that died but the death penalty also seeks justice for the family members who now have to go on living with the pain of having lost a loved one. For example, Steve Roach was a man who killed his wife for money. On January 13th, 2000, he was executed at 9:00 p.m. The victim's family was glad to see that justice was being served fairly. .
             Another reason why the death penalty should be enforced is because it reduces the amount spent with taxpayer's money. If there was no death penalty, most convicted murderers would stay on death row. This would mean taxpayers are faced with the bills of having to pay for these murderers to stay alive. As taxpayers, we must pay for their food, housing, medical expenses, cable television, cleaning of their uniforms, the guards that are paid to watch over them, and any other expenses that the inmates might have.

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