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Muriels Wedding Oral

            When reading the assessment criteria the film which first sprang to my mind was Muriel's Wedding.
             Muriel's Wedding comes under the genre of a comedy drama and explores the issue of identity and furthermore, self-worth and self discovery.
             The reasons as to why this film falls under the genre of a comedy drama is due to its use of humour to develop the characters.
             Muriel's Wedding is not only full of laughs but also those "lump in your throat" type moments which adds the aspect of drama.
             Muriel's Wedding follows the life of Muriel Heslop, a young woman obsessed with ABBA who craves a new life away for her home tiwn of Porpoise Spit, her family and her friends.
             Muriel is a plump unhappy young woman who feels that through marriage she can gain a better life.
             Through her adventures Muriel rekindles an old friendship, moves to Sydney, finds a job and changes her name to Mariel.
             Although Muriel (now Mariel) undergoes a transformation, in her mind still lingers the dream of getting married.
             Through some unusual circumstances Muriel finds herself fulfilling her dream of marriage and comes to the realisation that its not all that it may have seemed. .
             This Movie presents Muriel Heslop as an overweight, unfashionable girl who wears clothes that are out of sink with the people who surround her.
             Muriel's reactions are shown through her facial expressions with close ups. Mid shots are used to capture her body language giving the viewer an understanding of Muriel's self worth.
             Confrontations used in the film are captured with Close ups and Medium close ups in conjunction with fast camera movement. This shot is appropriate as it captures the emotions of both characters.
             The mood of Muriel's Wedding is set first and foremost by the music. Abba is played frequently and helps contrast Muriel's transformation.
             At Muriel's Wedding, the song I do I do I do is played, this captures Muriel's fulfilment of her fantasy.

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