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My Priorities in Life

             I have many priorities in my life with which I must deal each and every day. Not only do I choose to be a model student but I choose to be a model citizen as well. I must reflect morals and values which I have learned. I need intelligence, professional appearance, affection, family support, and skill to succeed vocationally.
             First of my many advantageous skills, I have learned to manipulate my surroundings to my advantage and wield it to demonstrate my intelligence through communication. I make an example for my peers by showing that I know so much because I have worked hard to set a precedent for others like me. I believe that without intelligence you would not know what you want or need in life. I want to serve mankind to the fullest of my abilities by using my intelligence.
             Secondly, I have learned that people judge me on first impression. I believe that what I look like and how I carry myself can make a difference. The clothes that I wear reflect my conservative thinking. I like to trendy but I look for what will last longer. I like to think about how I will look when I walk trough the halls and know that I am proud of what I am wearing. I think that it is not the price of what you have on, rather that I feel good having it in. I like to have a professional appearance to show that I have respect for myself and that I need to be valued.
             Also, I have been raised to be a proper gentleman. I find it hard to just give someone the mere "Yes or No", I use "Yes, Maim" or "No, Maim," "Yes, Sir" or "No, Sir." I believe this demonstrates that I can still learn from people even if they are not a teacher, a boss, or a respected official. I am an observer of people. I like to be around people for the company and benefit of learning their imperfections. I need affection to feel needed.
             Next, I need family support. I do not know were I would be without my family. I need a shoulder to lay my head on when I get hurt.

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