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My Pillars of Beliefs, Values and Priorities

            A person is what he believes, what he prioritises, and what he values. These are the pillars of a person's character. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to be guided in reflecting and adopting these aspects in my character. Through observation and experience I have grown to believe in the importance of hard work. So for me if I work hard in getting a good education I can have a good career in life. This makes my education my priority. But without honesty I would not be completely happy in my achievements. .
             I believe in the importance of hard work. This is especially true in school. I always try and get the best possible grades and go above expectations. An example of this was the US History STAAR. I was not as confident about this subject as I was for the others. I knew enough about this subject, but I knew I could learn more. I dedicated a large portion of my time to just for this test. By working hard and studying for this I ended up getting commended on the STAAR which in turn let me be exempt from the History EOC. I believe that there are two components to success, luck and hard work. If a person lacks in one they must make up for it in the other. This is why my path to success is through getting good grades and working hard. .
             I feel a good education will define the rest of my life. This is why I want to create a solid foundation. It will be an investment for the rest of my life. I have always been responsible for my work and behavior at school. I have earned good grades and comments from educators. I choose to complete my work rather than go to social events. I have a family member in India who is getting married but I will be staying with my parent's friends in order to not miss school, because for me school is my priority and I feel that this decision will benefit me in the long run.
             In today's world the value of honesty is diminishing, but for me honesty is something I value very deeply.

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