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A snowy evenings meaning

             Many poems our very hard to decipher and to understand. Some ar made with many meanings intended and some our meant to make the writer come up with their own meanings. Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" borders on both these ideas. This poem makes you take into account each and every line, so you have to process them in your brain meticuloulsy. I believe from reading this poem that it talks about responsibility and have you it manage it and to not get stuck in one moment and never find your way out of it. .
             This poem starts off in the woods and Robert Frost goes on to tell you how beautiful the forest is,"The only other sound's the sweep of easy wind and downy flake (11-12).The woods are lovely." (13) After he tells you how wonderful this forest is he ends the poem by saying "But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." (14-16)I believe with this ending he is sending the message that the forest is wonderful to look upon, but he can't get caught up in the moment because he has to be someplace soon and that is his responsibility, so he must be on his way. This is though just the outerlayer of the poem, or the crust poem. There is much more to be found inside the pie. .
             This poem had a view lines with dark visuals. Visuals which didn't exactly fit a beautiful forest "The darkest evening of the year (8).The woods are lovely, dark and deep." (13) I think it means that you have responsibility to attend to, but usually you dislike them and they are burden for you. It's like this wonderful forest is tempting him to stay here and forget his responsibility. Its showing him all the beauty he's missing when he's so busy and doesn't have enough time to relax and look upon it. He hates it yet loves it, showing that everything is not perfect no matter how it seems on the outside. .
             One more thing I noticed in the poem was that line talked about unfamiliarity "My little horse think it queer to stop without a farmhouse near.

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