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Snowy Mountains

            Environmental Problems on the Snowy Mountains.
             The Snowy Mountains has a delicate ecosystem and unfortunately there are several environmental problems. These environmental issues are erosion, salinity and siltation. These issues effect the water quality and applies pressure on the Kosciusko National Park. .
             Although grazing was banned in 1969, erosion and siltation has remained a problem. It is evident with 50 sq km of unusable land caused by erosion are left behind and in other areas soil to a depth of 60cm is loss. .
             Repairing the damage required the building of artificial banks and drains, replanting and fertilising the damaged areas and covering it with straw or hay and using wire mess to hold it down. However, the wire was substituted with a light bitimen spray as the wire contained zinc toxins that leached the soil. Four wheel drives that were used to transport materials, ruining the land so from preventing the soil to be damaged more, helicopters are used instead. Another step to repairing the damage is the building of walkways for visitors.
             The main cause of erosion is due to the number of tourists visiting the Snowy Mountains. With the figures increasing each year, hinders the process of resolving the environmental problem.
             Also, another factor to cause erosion is the farming practices outside the park. The clearing out of trees, break up the soil which can lead to erosion.
             Salinity is another environmental problem. The excess irrigation water from the water tables rising allows salt to surface and floods into the river. It has effected the farmland and water supplies along the Murray River negatively. Though siltation is not a major concern, it effects the dams and reservoirs. The fertility of the soil decreases as silt flows on farms and river flats. Also, it clogs up dams. Silt free water is vital in the removal of the cattle owners from the high country and the regeneration of the badly eroded areas.

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