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The Hawaiian Islands

             Whether an island resident or only on vacation, Hawaii has something special for everyone. The islands that make up Hawaii are some of the most beautiful and diverse in the world. Islands range from lush tropical rain forests to desert plains and from warm sunny beaches to wind swept snowy peaks. Although Hawaii is the largest and Kauai is the most beautiful, Oahu has the largest population of the Hawaiian Islands. .
             Hawaii, or the "Big Island" island as it is referred to, is the largest of all Hawaiian Islands with nearly twice the area of the others combined. Traveling around the island takes all day and brings visitors in contact with wide-ranging terrain. The open spaces of the island allowed cattle ranching to thrive. While ranches conjure visions of Texas, Hawaii has the largest and one of the oldest private ranches in the United States. Rising above the grasslands and lava flows are two mountains soaring nearly 14,000 feet in the sky splitting the island in two. In the winter months snow covers the peaks and skiing is possible. .
             Kauai has all the beauty and adventure expected from a tropical island. Brilliant white sand beaches and dark green jungles flourish on the island. Other than by helicopter, hiking is the only way to see parts of the island. Hikes to the remote areas of the island can last for days and deliver some of the most spectacular scenery. This picturesque setting has resulted in many movies being filmed on Kauai. When Hollywood is looking for the ideal tropical paradise they turn to the island continually. Mark Twain recognized the beauty as well calling Waimea Canyon, "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific." This canyon represents a tropical version of the Arizona landmark with .
             deep, brilliantly hued gorges. While Waimea Canyon is not as large as the Grand Canyon it is just as impressive. Anyone looking for a beautiful tropical getaway will find the perfect match in this paradise.

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