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Which hunt takes more skills?

            Many people who are not familiar with hunting say that all hunting is hunting, but that's far from true. If a person were to talk to a skilled hunter, even someone who's familiar with hunting could tell the difference between antelope and elk hunting. It's more along the lines of skills and not just luck. Although the seasons are at about the same time, elk hunting takes more skill.
             Let's take a look at the habitats that each animal has. Antelope are not always found on the prairie where it's wide open space. All one has to do is drive around and scope them out until the big one is found. Sneaking up on antelope can be difficult because it's wide open unless there are cooleys or a hill to sneak behind, but most of the time sneaking is not required. Usually the antelope are close enough to take a shot at. Elk, on the other hand, are in the mountains, unless a person is lucky and catches them crossing from one mountain range to another; then they will be found on the prairie. Otherwise it's a workout trying to get an elk. The elk know the mountains and know all the great hiding places and where people hunt and where they don't hunt. Also, there are all the trees and even with their size, an elk does blend in well. But finding them can be easier if one possesses the right skills.
             People who have been hunting for a long time have picked up great tracking and hunting skills that an amateur wouldn't know or have. With antelope not much tracking skills are need because they can be seen all the time. But they do require some hunting skills. They do have great senses for sight and smell for the most part. A person is not going to be able to just walk right up and shoot them, crouching and ducking are great ways to get a little closer to them. One thing to remember is to always stay down wind from the animal. Otherwise they will be able to smell a person coming before the antelope are even seen. With elk hunting there are several great skills that can be picked up to find this intelligent animal.

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