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Art Visual Analysis

            Art is said to be the" application of human creative skill and imagination," and Peter Paul Rubens portrays just that in his paintings. Wolf and Fox Hunt, oil on canvas, Ca. 1616 is beautiful painting, located in the Metropolitan Museum on the second floor. Rubens artwork Wolf and Fox Hunt creates an extreme sense of danger depicted through the animals and conveys a story using composition, size and color. Showing the action of the hunt and the vicious battle and violence between the Foxes and Wolves as well as the men. .
             The composition of this painting creates a sense of drama and heightens the emotion of the scene. The first thing noticed by the viewer when standing in front of this painting are the wolves. The focal point seems to be the wolves and foxes because the humans seem to surround and look down upon these creatures. The central figures were in the foreground which emphasized the realistic attributes of the painting. An additional attribute of the painting is the color selection which displays the violent environment of a hunt using elements such as texture and position. By utilizing these components, Rubens presented life to the painting with the absence of brutal characteristics. Rubens created a very exciting and intense scene with the use of strong diagonals and lavish colors, almost giving it the appearance of being real. The horses and the humans create a triangular formation focused around the foxes and wolves as well while the sky looks cloudy as if its midday and Rubens creates this mood with soft blues and illustrious white colors. Rubens seemed to use a lot of shading in creating the animals and with the perfect contrast between color and tone it helps for a more alive and intense look. One thing that catches your eye is the white horse, carrying the only people who are not carrying spears. Their faces come off as sympathetic as they watch the hunt take place.

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