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Reader Benefits

             The field of education is extremely diverse and is ever changing making it essential for all education students to be aware of the most current issues, practices and research that is taking place with in their profession. This knowledge will provide students with opportunities to implement cutting edge ideas into their curriculum and future classrooms, giving them an advantage over there peers when competing in the fierce job market. The most efficient way for students to attain this profitable asset is to subscribe or to be an advent reader of respected professional journals within the education field. .
             Within the contents of this paper there are analysis, summaries and a broad over view of the most current issues of professional journals that relate to my personal field of Art Education. I choose to review four journals, two that are relevant to art education: Art Education and Studies in Art Education, while the other two journals pertain to the art profession they are Art in America and Art Forum International. The variety of these diverse journals will not only give a clear picture of present issues in the art classroom they will also allow for examination of a wider spectrum of issues that pertain useful within national and international art societies.
             Art Education.
             The journal Art Education provides distinctive articles on current directions, problems, and exemplary approaches in visual art education at all instructional levels. Articles focus on the art curriculum, teaching strategies, innovative programs, and special area curriculum such as studio, art criticism, or art history. Each issue of Art Education includes four full-color reproductions of works of art; with commentary and lesson plan suggestions for use at both elementary and secondary levels.
             One of the sections that the Art Education journal provides is the NAEA News. It is a news section, that I found intriguing.

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