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Review of Mulan

            "Mulan" is the story of a young, high-spirited girl in ancient China. The story begins with the Emperor's calling upon villagers to fight Hun invaders. When Mulan's aged father is called to certain death in war, Mulan's bold spirit compels her to save his life by disguising herself as a man and joining the Chinese army in his place. The "guardian" dragon named Mushu and a "lucky" cricket join the heroine's journey in the army and leads her into a series of comic misadventures. At the height of their success, their masquerade unravels, and they are left alone. When all seems lost, Mulan's irrepressible spirit spurs her once again to courageously fight against all odds, defeat the terrible Hun invaders, and save the Emperor, bringing great honor to her beloved parents, and finally gets the heart of captain Li Shang. .
             The movie is gorgeous to look at, with a superior blend of classic and computer-generated animation. The best of it is a battle in the snowy mountains that is as thrilling as the best Hollywood action films. This scene looks so real that it seems as if it was not a cartoon, but a real-life battlefield. Besides the vision, the movie gives you a wonderful hearing impact. The incidental music is running up and down with the development of the plot, sometimes sad, sometimes light, and sometimes breathtaking. It is also a comedy that makes belly laughs. Mushu, cricket, and some other characters make a lot of fun in the movie. .
             This film had the usual Disney excellence in animation, music, visual impact, etc. But what really pleased me is that finally we have a strong female heroine, who stands up against the patriarchal nonsense. It tells us a wonderful story of a young woman conquering her fears and finding her place in a world where she doesn't fit, where she is looked down. Mulan has the courage to step outside society's "norm" and be herself, to persevere and find her power, and thus achieves greatness.

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