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Mulan and Confucianism

            Confucianism is known as a religion, and one of the most important roles in ancient China. The Confucianism rules and teachings also known as filial piety came from Confucius. He is well known as being a philosopher, politician, and editor. It was during the Han dynasty when Confucian was adapted to china's lifestyle. Filial piety recounts how to act towards people, like your family, and society. Being, polite, kind, loyal, faithful, generous, and hard working in the family. The main purpose is that the main goal of all China, to bring honor and courage to your family and ancestor's. Not to make them a shame, or embarrassed that you're there blood. Filial piety was a major moral conduct to Confucius. If you don't have piety how can you honor your family, friends, and country? Confucian expectations made a major role in the film of Mulan, and also the Ban Zhao's lessons for women in some many types of ways. .
             A women's role in Confucian is hard. Women would always have a lower level of power than men did. They had to play a major role in society, to bring honor and courage. They were treated way differently compared to men. Women had to be filial not only to her parents, but the parent in-laws, husband, and her sons. They were taught many things. Women were taught to be quiet and respectful, and never talk over anybody. Chinese women just wanted to be determined and successful with their lives. It is tradition for women to abandon their birth families once they are married; instead they become part of their husband's family. The oldest male son, is the dominant one, who has the highest main role and responsibly to bring honor and courage to keep on going the family name. Most Chinese families worry if they don't have a male child that nobody will carry on the heir or take care of them once they are older. Women were the ones who technically took care of the whole family by having their daily routine of chores.

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