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            In the animated movie "Mulan," Disney Studio is presenting its own version of the Chinese legend of FaMuLan that Maxine Hong Kingston also offers in her book The Woman Warrior. Disney Studio chooses to tell this legend for similar reasons to Kingston. Mulan contains a theme that is fitting for the 90's, womanpower. Being a popular topic in the 20th century, Disney must have felt that this theme would attract moviegoers. Kingston chooses to tell this story because she knows women can be warriors. Women are more than just wives or slaves and are capable of doing jobs that have traditionally been set-aside for men. Women can be successful and bring honor to their families in other ways. .
             When Disney Studios created Mulan, it altered the original legend in an attempt to make it more exciting for movie audiences. Disney begins by showing that there is only one way a woman can bring honor to her family in Chinese culture. She must be suitable for marriage. This includes being obedient to her husband at all times and hardworking. She must also be attractive, but not too slender. If a woman is too slender it is not good for bearing sons. Mulan is to be sent to The Matchmaker to be tested to see if she is suited for marriage. Before Mulan goes, she writes crib notes on her forearm to remind her of the correct attributes of a woman in Chinese culture. Yet in Kingston's version, FaMuLan had oaths and names carved into her back so people would know her sacrifice. When Mulan fails this test in the Disney version, she is told that she will never bring honor to her family as a bride.
             A major difference from Kingston's version of the legend was who was in the war and which side Mulan fought on. In the Disney version, Mulan fought in the imperial army against the Huns. Yet in Kingston's version, FaMuLan fought with the villagers, the Hans, to dethrone the emperor. In both stories, one man from every family is drafted to serve in the army.

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