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Reflections of Feminism in Mulan

            Gone were the days when Maria Clara used to nest in home and sweat for her family needs in day-to-day life. Now, she brings her armor out from her closet and fights a battle even risking her life to death. In the Disney movie, "Mulan," the role of feminism reflects what kind of women the present society has. No more Mom stays home and keeps house when Dad puts on his suit and heads to the office. 21st century women can surpass what men can do. One need to get her own identity because identity is the key of all human beings. Thus, "working women " now step outside of the home to contribute and play a role to society. That's what Mulan did. She tries to imitate males' characteristics, although society raises eyebrow, she never fails to prove that she can be one of the men and be able to bring honor not only to her family but to China. Men have more strength and will. Yet they are emotionally weak. This might be difficult for some to understand, however this is simply an evolution.
             Mulan upsets her family when she failed in the matchmaking session. She tearfully says, "Now I see that if I were truly to be myself I would break my family's heart." People learn and acknowledge that gender has something to do with what they act out not only for their identity but also for others. This implies that Mulan didn't act for herself, but for her family. By acting it out for others and seeing them respond positively, it validates one's own identity and give one a sense of "self"." However, Mulan became a disgraced to her family. As a result, she feels confused and upset, thus singing the song "Reflection " to express her inner thoughts. Mulan doesn't recognize herself anymore because of the things she has to force herself to do to meet the standards and expectations of the society and her family. Who one sees in the mirror is not always the person that he wanted to be. His reflection in the mirror is someone else that is being hidden from the world.

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