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soldier's home

            In Hemingway's story we are introduced to Harold Krebs, a soldier who was returned from the war but after everyone else and the chaos has calmed down and everyone has settled into their life. Everyone has been able to do that but Krebs, he is struggling to get on with his life but the experience of war has changed him. Seeing all the horrors of the war has changed Krebs as a person, he doesn't know what to do with himself in his every day life. This is the conflict he faces as he tries to get on with his life post-war. The plot resolution in Soldier's home is that Krebs conflicts within himself are not fully resolved at the end of the story. We are aware that it is going to be difficult for Krebs to go on with his life as he is still traumatized by the war. He says he will get a job, but he is just doing that mostly for his mother's sake as she is worried about him. Krebs feels as if he has to go away and he can't stay with his family anymore, his family has pushed him away. Though, his family mean well in their intentions they don't fully understand what Krebs is going through. In the end, Krebs tries to solves his problems himself by getting wanting to get away. We see by the conversation with his mother that he isn't really in a religious place nor does he feel God as when he was told to pray by his mother he simply said he couldn't. So to analyze Soldier's Home's resolution is basically that we see that Krebs" conflicts are not solved and ultimately it may take him a long while before he heals and finds God and also find himself.

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