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Female nudity

             A female is not just an attractive face, or a desire but also creator of new life. From the beginning of time and even today women have been frequently represented in many different ways. As man evolved over the centuries his views of the female body also changed. The changing representation of women can be seen in three pieces of art, the Cycladic Figurine, Aphrodite of Knidos, and Yakshi (Fertility figure). Each one of these works of art represent very different characteristics and beliefs, yet female nudity was common in all of them.
             I will compare these three works of art first by what they are made of and a brief history second by describing them and the style third by telling you what their purpose in their culture was for or did for that time. .
             The Cycladic figurines were small statutes carved from Parian marble. The size and style of Cycladic figurines varies greatly. Most Cycladic figurines are tiny, and could have been held by hand. Small amounts of 4-foot figures have been uncovered. Unlike the Aphrodite of Knidos and Yakshi that were life size. .
             Aphrodite of Knidos created in about 350 BC was sculpted out of marble making the light reflect and contour off the statue giving it a lifelike essence. This made the statue of Aphrodite look more realistic and smoother than any material available. The statue of Aphrodite of Knidos is considered one of the most famous statues of the ancient world. Aphrodite was one of the first great female statues that was unclothed. Up to that time no woman had been portrayed entirely nude. .
             The Yakshi (fertility figure) a 5'4" tall statue is carved out of a single piece of stone. The Yakshi was considered one of the finest examples of Indian art. The statue was a full breasted, broad hipped woman that symbolized the productive forces of nature "fertility".
             The Cycladic figurines were lavish objects they were not very common, at least in marble.

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