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             Jehovah's witness of the Waterworld: "A few days went by and me and Sibil had a lot to discover. In the old world, we would have to sit or stand or walk. Here there was no such thing. It was just pure thought of what we would want to do. Thought is somewhat of a wrong word. It was deeper than thought. It was more intention and it happened. I learnt a lot of things. Well again it was not learned, it was already known. I discovered what I was capable of doing. It was funny how the first day I found out that we were not even walking, but simply moving without having to be confined in to space. The same was with speaking. And hearing. And knowing. It was truly strange. .
             I knew it all in a few days. Well maybe moments. Here there was so much to do. Or shall I say not to do. Language is a barrier when it comes to when one really does not have to speak. Everybody was the same. Not color wise, but functioned the same ways, even though they did their own desired things. I was amazed at this new reality, where I could hear Sibil when she was not around. Like that day I missed her, when she took off to the Center. Moments later of feeling lonely and reminiscing of her, it was apparent that I knew where she was. And not only that, I knew what she was doing, and what she said to me. And only moments after that I did see her right near me. The mind is not the same mind as it used to be. It seems it was vaster like the oceans and moments of knowledge continually take shapes as waves. We all knew each other. There was total knowledge, pure love and extreme beauty all around me. What more could I ask for-.
             ASIF HOQUE.
             PROF. T. COLE.
             It is clearly understandable the need for a utopia, because it is the closest thing a man can become to God. The powers to control, destroy, disable, and create a whole society at the owner's free will. My utopia, Waterworld was created on the basis and strategy of the mythical civilization, Atlantis.

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