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Proposition 227

            The famous philosopher Descartes once said, "Change is not a state of mind but a state of being that alters our state of mind." Through my life I have learnt that this quote is not only true, but also applies to every belief that we hold as true. I have learnt that change not only affects us as individuals, but also influences the way society views us as a person. The characters in the stories, endured several changes that influenced them as a person. However through it all there were still some constants that could not be changed regardless of the circumstances. Through these changes, the characters found who they really were and realized the beauty within themselves. My life has also been through some drastic changes that helped me realize who I am and my potential to be great. .
             I have been through many changes in my life. Obviously I have changed physically. I have grown from a premature infant to a scrawny little kid to a tall handsome man of eighteen years. However, through these years I have also matured drastically. As a little child I always had the notion the life revolved around me. If I did not receive the item that I was asking for I would do almost anything to get it. I remember one instance when I was living with my grandmother. I awoke one morning to find her making chocolate pancakes. I asked her if I can take a pancake and she said, "After you brush your teeth and pray." I hurriedly brushed my teeth and said my morning prayers. When I returned, I once again asked my grandmother for some pancakes. She refused saying that I could not have brushed my teeth and prayed in that short amount of time. I insisted that I did, but all attempts failed. So later on after my grandmother had gone to say her morning prayers; I quietly climbed onto the countertop. I took one of the pancakes and tossed the rest into the garbage disposal, where all of my grandmother's morning effort got ground into food scraps.

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