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Chicano Movement

             To many of us the Chicano Movement symbolizes the social advancement of people with Spanish decent. Although most of the Chicano Movement took place between 1960-1973, society is still feeling the effects of its impact. Many people don't value the Chicano Movement in today's society, but they fail to analyze its impact from the 60's and 70's. Its aftermath is directly related to how Latino people are viewed today. M.E.cH.A, and New Raza Left deal with education and other influences have also contributed to helping Chicanos become more recognizable. As a result the status of Chicanos attending colleges and universities has increased. Also Cesar Chavez named one of the Chicano Movement leaders, has received praise by having March 31, as a holiday in some states. Due to all these issues, Chicanos will be one of the dominant cultures in the United States.
             M.E.cH.A, which stands for Movimento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan is an organization involving students from high school, colleges and universities. They all unite for the advancement of Latinos in the United States. Every year M.E.cH.A organizes the Cinco de Mayo celebration (the defeat of the French by the Mexican army in Puebla). Most of the Mexican communities in the United States; as well as the people who live in Mexico recognize Cinco de Mayo. The M.E.cH.A organization of California State University Stanislaus organizes a big Cinco de Mayo celebration on school grounds and many people who attend Stanislaus State as well as those who don't attend gather to celebrate. M.E.cH.A is not just about celebrating, it deals with Chicanos uniting and helping each other in advancing socially and economically. According to what it considers to be its philosophy: "The Chicano and Chicana student movement has been plagued by opportunists that have sought to rechannel the energies of our people and divert us from our struggle for self determination. The educational plight of Chicano and Chicana students continues to be ignored by insensitive administrators.

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