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Latin America

            I attended a lecture on the Chicano movement given by Jose Angel Gutierrez, an active member from the Chicano movement from the 1960s. The lecture was mostly of his books and the content of them and what events led to the writing of the books. .
             Jose Angel Gutierrez was a key activist in the Chicano movement which became a popular uprising for the Mexican population in the United States. In areas like the Southwest, the Los Angeles area, and the Midwest, many groups were formed as a result of people such as Gutierrez, who came out of Cristal, Texas, and other parts of the Southwest. Representatives of the Raza Unida party sent representatives to different parts of the country to persuade others to join the movement and unite Mexicans who united and called themselves Chicanos. They consisted of a group of people of all ages who wanted political, civil, and educational rights to change because of unfair circumstances. In Gutierrez's situation, he was one of the key activists in the Raza Unida party and used his life and its occurrences as material which would cause controversy in different aspects in his life. .
             The most popular of his books, The Gringo Manual, was a book that was not allowed across the Mexican-U.S. border by the border patrol because of its controversial, anti-white content. He eventually got them across the border and had them delivered to his home. They were sold and distributed in the U.S. and they later came back to haunt him. During his process of getting his Docotorate, as his dissertation he used the material from his book and was then rejected for using anti-white content and for having no resources for his life experiences in which tells about. .
             He ended his session by giving some figures on some anticipated Latino populations for the future which predicts Latinos to be the biggest group by 2030.

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