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Latin America

            Difference between the Latin-American culture and the American culture.
             Throughout the world there is a variety of cultures so big, that we can even imagine how different they are from each other. As we investigate about certain culture, we find out that most of the differences that exist between them are due to their religion. Like we all know each culture has its own religion with their own beliefs and rituals. Each has different ways of living and showing their god how much faith they have. These are some of the differences that cultures have all together. All around the world, different cultures spread through every single country, creating difference ways of living. .
             Every culture has its differences like their religion, their way of living, their political structure, their gender expectations in life and many other things that vary from each religion. It is not easy to understand the complex role religion plays within Latin American culture. It is not something that god created but just some of the beliefs of different cultures and races that have been present at one point or another in the history of Latin America. Although there have been many different influences the most positive has been from Europe, consisting of the Catholic and Protestant Faith. The native Indian influences, of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans from Central and South America as well as the Arawak and Tainos of the Antilles, the African influences of the Yoruba and Congo Tribes, brought to Latin America from Africa centuries ago. All these .
             cultural events that happened years ago, have created a religion very strong and with many beliefs, and that are present today and are followed by many religious from all over South America.
             Also the gender roles and expectations is a big thing in the Latin American culture. In terms of gender, the Latin American culture more than any other culture, clearly states a set of rules for both males and females to follow from birth to death.

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