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The End of the Chicano Movement

            The Chicano Movement of the 1960's made a huge social impact for all Mexican Americans living in the United States, fighting for political and economical change. The movement dealt with many challenges such as self-determination and ethnic discrimination within education and employment, however the movement overcame many of these challenges. The success of the Chicano Movement group consisted of prideful Chicanos/a, student activist, and labor workers. According to David Knoke, professor of Sociology at The University of Minnesota, he defines that a social movement is collective efforts by relatively powerless groups using extra – institutional means to promote or resist social change (e.g, political, cultural, economic, ethnic, sexual identity)" (Knoke, 1). In order to have a successful movement like the Chicano Movement, a group must have an ardent leader. For Instance, Corky Gonzalez who hosted the National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference in March 1969, brought many Chicano/a's also the first official gathering at the national level. (Muñoz,75) Although the movement accomplished political empowerment and social inclusion for Mexican Americans, the existence of the movement has vanished over the years.
             In the article, "The Chicano Movement More Nostalgia Than Reality?' by David E. Hayes – Bautista, argues that the Chicano Movement is no longer a movement instead it has become inactive due to the accomplishments of the movement. Hayes supports his argument by explaining how one – third of California's population, is more concerned about renewing society in decline than preserving a minority movement. (Hayes, par 13). The author 's purpose is to point out his purpose in order to convince his readers that the movement is indeed dead. The author writes in a formal tone to inform his readers that have no knowledge or background of the Chicano Movement.

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