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ballard analysis

             Lord Randall demonstrates three major elements of a well-writen ballad. False love, having a refrain, and has a question/answer format are easily shown in it. Although it is written in a Scottish dialect, readers are able to understand its main plot. .
             It all starts with Lord Randall coming home from hunting in the wild. Him and his true love dined together, "I din"d wi" my true-love; mother, make my bed soon", and she made him his favorite dish, eels in broiled broth. When Lord Randall gave some of his broth to his dogs, the all of a sudden died. He soon would be the victim, "O I fear ye are poison"d, Lord Randall, my son!" It had turned out that his true-love had poisoned him.
             Along with false love, having a refrain is another impact on a ballad. A refrain is a phrase that is repeated throughout the ballad. In this ballad the refrains were, "mother, make my bed soon", "For I"m weary wi" hunting, and fain wald lie down" , and "my handsome young man?" .
             Having a question/answer format in a ballad a very effective way in literature. Each stanza starts with two lines of questions from Lord Randall's mother and then the next two are Lord Randall's answers. For example, "O where hae ye been, my handsome young man?.
             "I hae been to the wild wood; mother,make my bed soon.".
             As you can see, Lord Randall is one of the best ways to show a great and well-written ballad. Although I have only concentrated on three of the varied ways in which it is strong, it is enough support. Having a refrain, showing false love, and having a question/answer format makes a ballad strong. .

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