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Artificial Intelligence and the Human Race

            Artificial Intelligence is an area related to creating intelligence for machines. Since a hundred years ago, scientists have tried to develop a machine which it can think and decide like a human such as Electromechanical Brain. In computer technology advancement era, all scientists could tell the world, there is a high probability to create an intelligent robot; an intelligent machine which can deceive and defeat one human in the fair race; in that way, which the human think it was a man not a machine. (Bostrom 12) In today's world, technology progress is extraordinarily more than the past. Google, Microsoft, IBM, Silicon Valley, NASA and X-Space companies are several examples of Artificial Intelligent world. Those companies can make high intelligent machines which might decide and act based on its algorithm which is defined by human. Recently, world's most renowned scientists and technology entrepreneurs claimed that there will be a threat to human race future according to AI advancement and Ultra-Intelligent machines. (Good 36) Ultra-Intelligent machine refers to a machine which can think, decide, act, react and build exactly like humans do without being tired. Scientists believe the Ultra-intelligent machines can build another intelligent machine without human back up. They think it might be a big danger to the human kind. If machines can think and decide, so they don't need the human. They do whatever they want to do. That time is a Doomsday. The time robots rise and human life would be destroyed. So, the main problem is could AI threaten human existence in the future? .
             This issue is so controversial between scientists and even ordinary people. The opposing view of those scientists who claim there is a danger through AI advancement, states that the concerns of AI progress is understandable but it is not acceptable. The article which is written by Barclay Ballard talks about the opposing view; he is a freelance journalist.

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